!! OMG, an actual monkey business: ‘Kayabuki”s ape-waiters !!

OK now this is just cruel, not to Yat-chan and Fuku-chan the waiter-monkeys but to the humans who did the job before them. Not only does this demonstrate that a monkey could do their job, but the monkey’s actually DO their job, and they have to look for a new job…because the monkey’s stole theirs.
Local authorities have certified the monkeys to twerk at the sake house, although Japanese animal rights laws permit this for only two hours per day.
I don’t find the monkeys-with-hot-towels concept the weirdest, not even the cheap labour scheming to be the weirdest thing about all this…IT’S THOSE PAPIER-MACHE MASKS…AND THE MADELINE-SCHOOL-GIRL DRESSES WITH THE FLICK-LONG-BOB WIGS AND THE TINY WINY WHITE DRESS-SHIRTS!!!
It’s like the Jabberwocky dolls finally left the bedroom and invaded the kitchen. I don’t give a monkey’s uncle about the hygienic implications of ape-shit in the green tea, it’s just the fact that they look like THAT…planet of the baby doll night mare!
For goodness SAKE, why are they jeering and whooping for them, don’t encourage this, it’s frightfully wrong-filled?!
[via odditycentral]

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