!! OMG, how much is that doggie in the window?: DOGGIE DUMP !!

I thought I’d go ahead and just dump these pups all over. I’m hoping huggles don’t count as bestiality as I want to hug these fellas till they puppy-pop -no, hang on, that’s murder, certainly.
Follow the link below to jump right into the middle of the puppy pile. Let me see, we have a puppy playing catch [sort of], some fluffers bumbling around [at least i think these are canine] and bathtime pugs [with mini tabby-tongues].
I like that in the comments section of the final video KIMIS wrote “cats” about the bubble-licking paddy-pugs…cats wouldn’t stand for such soggy cute they would swipe at them and hiss at their pathetic SUDDY FEEBLE-FUMBLES. But yes, I agree…”cats”!

[via dlisted, jezebel, dlisted]

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