!! OMG, Casting call alert: stereotypes wanted !!

Are you a grown-ass homo with no sense of shame and a smooth, textureless lump where your D and B’s should be? Do you have a similarly privateless ladyfriend with whom you share a sick, codependent relationship?
Most importantly: Do you want to humiliate yourself on TV? Sure! We all do! This is 2010 after all!

Subject: Looking for the real life Will & Grace !


A high profile cable network, in association with Doron Ofir Casting,
would like to explore the fabulously iconic relationships that only a gay man and
his best female friend share. In the greatest city in the world,
amidst the hustle and bustle, love, relationships and professional
ambition combine with the frenzied and ultimately wonderful
dysfunction that two like minds can share and help prove that this
type of friendship is one of a kind.

What to wear?? There’s more then just sex going on in this city!
If you are at least 21 and appear younger than 45, based in NYC, have
a super close relationship, finish each other’s sentences, and might
even be married if things were different, we want to hear from you.
We welcome couples from all walks of life, including professionals,
creative types, junior moguls, fashionistas, and chorus boys … etc.
Carrie and Stan, Charlotte and Antonio, Liz and Montgomery, Will and
Grace, Liza and David, Anna and Bobby, Madonna and Rupert, Jessica and

YOU AND YOUR BFF? You should be hot with an outgoing personality
and an active work and social life. Send us your bio and pics too.

Anyway, I can make fun of this but you know I’m applying— right after I cut my dick off! Now where did I put those garden shears?
Side note: if I’m putting the clues together correctly, this show is probably “based on” this book, which was optioned by Bravo sometime last year and to which I coincidentally contributed an essay?

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