!! OMG, collecting dust: Records made of cremated remains !!

A few months back we posted a record made of ice, an ephemeral piece which would -on listening- likely melt and run all over your record player, your teak dresser and your favorite Disney princess carpet-rug. Well, British company And Vinyly will take that dead Disney princess magic carpet and press it’s cremated remains into a record, which could play the soundtrack of ‘Magic Carpet Ride‘ [aka ‘A Whole New World‘] from Aladin, whilst you weep and [maybe leak] over the loss of several woven Disney princess friends in your own personal -not gay at all- Disney princess wake ! With a little more permanence than that icy leaky disk you bought back when !
If you didn’t buy the ice record so non of this ever ever happened but your Guinea pig called -let’s say- Mr Snugglepusspuss just died, And Vinyly will press that pig in a record, you can select a special sing-a-long song from their online ‘raveyard’ and even have Mr Snugglepusspuss released in record stores..one day an unassuming slightly overfed wad of fuzzy-fluff, the next a global pop sensation, I know £3000 seems a little expensive as an initial investment but -you know- Britney has sacrificed a lot [hair, sanity, lactation, umbrellas] to become the old Mommy Smurfette superstar she is now…
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