!! OMG, crazy Jesus commenter !!

I probably don’t give credit to my fabulous commenters often enough, so today is the day. I just got this one a little while ago on a post with Helena Christensen’s nude photos [NSFW].
Wow. Just wow:

no, faggot. not ‘omg’ shes naked. you sound like youre scared. pathetic white chump. women are not to be feared moron, but loved and appreciated by Gods grace. The Only One to fear is God. Only God is Worthy to be feared. Only God has the Power to put in Heaven or Hell. Fear God. I fear God, and nothing or nobody else, by Gods grace. Jesus Christ IS Almighty God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace. We fear God, by His grace, and we dont have to be afraid of anything or anybody else, by Gods grace. Jesus Christ IS Almighty God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace. women are pussies. dont be afraid of a woman. BITCH. Jesus Christ saves. not ‘coolest and edgiest’… f*cking moron.

‘edgy’ isnt cool. white demons might think that. ‘jittery, nervous, uptight’… those are synonyms of edgy. white uptight demons might think thats ‘coolest’. LOSERS. lemmings of the Earth.

no, the Coolest is Jesus Christ and His Love. His Love makes us calm, peaceable, chill, laid back, loose, steady, stable, by His grace. Jesus Christ IS Almighty God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace. Repent. dont take Gods Name in vain, omgblog. moron. Repent.

Thanks for the words, “D.” Too bad you didn’t leave your email address so I could write to you personally. I can’t blame you for being “scared,” I guess!

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23 Comments on "OMG, crazy Jesus commenter"

  1. I wonder if he found your page while searching for some porn to jack off to.. maybe he doesnt fear god enough? lulsies what a sweetheart

  2. Is this a joke? Wow. Two things actually spring to mind. One, I had no idea that peaceable was a real word but I’m totally going to use it at least once a day! Two, I’m not sure God would appreciate calling women pussies (he must be a mormon). I of course have other issues with that long, rambling, vaguely familiar, speech but everyone has already covered them.

  3. Olive Yurdich | July 30, 2008 at 4:08 pm | Reply

    I see Stephen Baldwin now reads your blog. Perhaps it is his first step in coming to terms with himself.

  4. Illiterate, intolerant, AND racist? You’ve hit the Phelps Church Trifecta!!

  5. His post is hilarious!!! It’s going to be so funny when he finds out he’s going to hell!

  6. “His Love makes us calm, peaceable, chill, laid back, loose, steady, stable, by His grace.”
    Wow… might I suggest the decaffeinated version of Jesus? I hear it’s just as tasty as the original. Maybe then you’ll be all the things you say come from His grace.
    Secondly, you do realize that to type G-d fully, in many branches of belief system known as Christianity, is considered taking His name in vain… just a thought. Peace.

  7. While I agree with most comments here, I strongly recent Jamie’s comment. “Tweaked out tranny”? Why use that as an insult? Is being a tranny now a bad thing? It is not cool for anyone to use the term “gay”, as an insult. But it is ok for us to use “Tranny” as one? Is this not just as bad? I would regard Tranny’s much higher than a loser like this, using God’s name to spead hatred. And I think Jamie’s comment is no better. Just my thoughts on this. Thank you.

  8. what a jerk.
    “edgy”???? he sounded a little ON EDGE to me…like he was on meth. what a d-bag.
    god is love…and i’m pretty sure god wants you to have love for your fellow man….no matter their gender, sexual preference, nationality, etc.
    thank you for not being scared of d-bags like him…and thank you for continuing to post…. i

  9. This is the same sort of moron who shot up that Unitarian church and killed 2 people. Psycho.

  10. Then he took out a gun and shot up a church full of innocent people watching children performing Annie. And all was right in Bush’s America.

  11. yeah i actually saw it on the post and replied. You guys skipped the white devil comments. Not only is he a crazy religious zealot but he is a racist one as well.

  12. This is a perfect argument for the internet being a privilege, not a right.

  13. Was that email signed by Pat Robertson or James Dobson?

  14. Best…hate mail…ever!

  15. Religious people are basically crazy people. Delusional and often times, if poorly educated, dangerous. There’s no need to fear god or Jesus, they are mere mythological creatures, like Zeus and Thor and many other “gods”. It’s the blind follower you must fear because they have a tendency to be mental defectives. The more religious, the more delusional. It’s all a matter of degree. “D” needs confinement and heavy medication.

  16. This type of christian is an example of those haters out there on a mission to defend an institution that terrorizes other groups of people who are different to do what they believe is right…i find it hilarious when they behave like this using the name of god/jesus to justify this “bully” behavior.
    if this god they talk about and praise is one with a vengance or is a jealous god and NEEDS these ignorant assholes to save the rest of us from sin…sounds like the devil to me lol
    if they say their god is the creator of all things…why would this god NEED anything or anyone to do his work for him?
    anyhoohoo, the laws of god will sort themselves off i.e. what you give out, you will get back tenfold…so let this person reap his own fruit 🙂

  17. You do not sound like a man of peace, love, or tolerance. It is great that you use the name of Jesus and then continue to use hateful words. grow up. read the bible. act like a christian if you want to represent them. dickhead.

  18. Please. You know she’s just some tweaked-out tranny on meth hearing celestial voices.Damn. I’d believe that saying “omg” was a mortal sin too if I had been awake on my Ikea futon covered in bukkake for 4 days. Party on.

  19. Jesus can manifest his flesh in my ass and make me cu…I mean calm anyday!

  20. Yeah. I guess berating people and using words like faggot, pussy, bitch and fucking moron is so very ‘christian.’
    Well, come to think of it… hating people for being different, legislating to remove other’s rights and blaming them for the fall of every society has long been a very ‘christian’ thing to do in this country – why NOT this kind of response??

  21. Unbelievable! What strikes me first and foremost is that this evangelical freak uses hateful terms like ‘faggot’, ‘pussies’, and ‘bitch’ to get his message across…very eloquent indeed!
    Sorry you have to be subjected to this stuff Frank but guess that’s part of what being an Internet star is all about?!
    I’m not religious by any mean but I think any fool would treat thy neighbor the same way that they would want to be treated but perhaps that is a naivety only reserved for those that don’t beat on bibles.
    And the whole fearing God?!? Sorry but again with common sense and decency, not religion, would I never think God would want us to fear him.

  22. Wow! This is the man that I hope to marry one day. Those strong Christian morals of his get me all hot and bothered, and his misogyny is just the gravy on his hate potatoes.

  23. What a shining Christian witness!

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