!! OMG, he hates cyclists: Crazy NYPD officer !!

This video show last Friday shows a cop knocking a cyclist off his bike during a Critical Mass rally in New York for no apparent reason. He has now been stripped of his badge and gun. (Thanks to Kevin R. for the tip!)

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6 Comments on "OMG, he hates cyclists: Crazy NYPD officer"

  1. Well no wonder its open season on men in Uniform..Get em before they get you… Yep… I smell another successful million dollar payout coming…

  2. I think he probably ran a red light… seemed like he was the last to come through…

  3. Huh. Well that was swift. (The badge and gun stripping I mean) And all he had to do was knock someone off their bike… I’d have to say, based on this, that the NYPD is a little more “with it” as far as discipline of their own then other forces like….. our RCMP maybe?
    After all, what was it, like four officers who felt the need to taser the shit out of, and tackle a man, one putting his entire weight on his neck, consequently killing him because he didn’t speak english and got a little frustrated with being stuck in a certain pacific coastal airport for ten hours. Ahem…. (WHY VEE ARE) Kinda makes you wonder they they still have their jobs, huh.

  4. WTF? What a freaking lowlife MF! btw, does “stripped of his badge and gun”, NOT mean that he was fired??? or does it only mean he was suspended? (I’m not American)

  5. The guy could have rode past the officer’s back — it looked like he purposely rode pass in front of the officer — I’d have been tempted to knock him off myself if I was the police. Many of these so-called cyclists are just using the monthly event to get a jolly out of disrupting other people’s lives — and seriously, what has Critical Mass accomplished all these years doing this except pissing people off? And no matter which side of this issue you take, when will people learn that it’s just NOT SMART to tick off the cops?

  6. ugh, what a douchebag. I hope he gets fired. but hurray for tourists catching douchebags-in-power in the act.

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