!! OMG, did he have gay sex?: Beckham !!

An Italian third-division soccer player going by the name Victory is claiming that he became a rent boy for Serie A players to supplement his income.

I have about 30 clients who are footballers and I would say that a dozen are Serie A and national team players – several times I have been asked to take part in group sex sessions. Players from the same team and my friends and it is always just for sex. They all know I am a footballer as well but they like me because I am discreet.

Something tells me he won’t be known for his discretion anymore. Though he didn’t name names, could it be that David Beckham was one of his clients? I wonder if Victory will fess up for more cash…

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(thanks to Mr. Stanfield for the tip)

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2 Comments on "OMG, did he have gay sex?: Beckham"

  1. Seriously, even for the blog world this is over the line… Shame on us!
    YES, we would all want to know its Becks in the line up, but really… LOL.
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  2. I’ve seen this story on three different sites, and in every case there’s been a huge picture of Beckham and his name in the headline. But the story has NOTHING TO DO with Beckham whatsoever. At no point is he mentioned. Just because he’s the most famous footballer in the world, you all decide to throw him in there when there’s no evidence linking him to this at all.

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