!! OMG, my new favourite drink: Michelada !!

Muxes are not the only hot pieces to come out of the country. I have fallen in love with a spicy beer-based drink called a Michelada.
There are lots of different RECIPES and much dispute about what a real one contains (namely whether or not it should contain clamato juice). In any case, here’s how I made the 14 that I drank on Saturday night:
-Rim a frozen half-pint glass with celery salt (make your “rimming” jokes now, ladies)
-Squeeze half of a small lime into the glass
-Add a shot of tequila
-Add 2 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
-Add 1 dash of soy sauce (or Maggi seasoning)
-Splash with tobasco sauce to taste
-Slowly fill with cold Corona (or Tecate or Dos Equis or Negro Modela…)
Sounds a bit gross, but it’s fantastic. Trust.
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5 Comments on "OMG, my new favourite drink: Michelada"

  1. I recommend powdered chili instead of Tabasco sauce, it’s much tastier and not as hot.

  2. you forgot to add tomato or clamato juice.

  3. OMG! that is like the the “bloody mary” me and friends made back in high school when we didn’t have the necessary alcohol.

  4. HAHA

  5. That’s actually spelled “michelada”.

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