!! OMG, executive realness: OUT TV’s ‘Ladyboys’ !!

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I started watching OUT.TVs ‘Ladyboys’ series yesterday morning and I’ll be watching the second half tonight. Being a British documentary, they tend to edit it as though they are talking about gap-year kids at an Ibiza foam party, but still I find some of the interviews are quite lovely.
My favourite [not a ladyboy, she’s a woman, since 19 years old] lady is Yollada Suanyot [pictured]. She serves up EXECUTIVE REALNESS 24/7 and she’s stunning, and I’d buy all that QVC-style tack she’s selling if she told me too. It’s disappointing to hear that currently, Thai law does not permit even those who have had gender-reassignment surgery to obtain legal status as woman:

“My mind is not wrong, my mind is correct, but my body is wrong…don’t ask me about the thing that makes my heart hurt”

Uuuuurrggghhh…that makes my heart hurt too : (
Hop down below to watch parts 1 & 2

part 1:

& 2:

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3 Comments on "OMG, executive realness: OUT TV’s ‘Ladyboys’"

  1. WOW..That’s interesting and it’s quite amazing how transgender women live their lives. Their lives might be hard but I’m sure their lives are bigger than a narrow minded bitch’s.Cheers!!!!

  2. Feeling a lil tranny overload, C? Get over it!

  3. did this blog turn into a tranny focused blog while i was on vaca? seems like theyre the center of attention ’round these parts recently.

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