!! OMG, Fox News gets BURNED live on air !!

Erm, OOPS!
Fox News host quite literally got BURNED live on air, when political author Tom Ricks was interviewed about the Benghazi U.S Consulate fires, that happened in September of this year.
Ricks shut those mothermuffers up. I can only imagine the producer down the host’s earpiece;
“oh gees, end this interview now, turn to camera 3, just blooming smile, smile, SMILE!.
Next segment.
Oh deary, Foxywoxy !
[source: America Blog]

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9 Comments on "OMG, Fox News gets BURNED live on air"

  1. Eko – we’re perfectly evolved, and still waiting for the stupid fags that live in Obama’s colon to catch up- though honestly, they never will. They’re too busy looking for someone to blame for your ignorance and others to blame for your pathetic little insignificant lives. The greatest threats to America’s future are the illiterate fools who elected the most dangerous man to ever hold public office, and that very being, B. Hussein Obama.

  2. FIRES? Dumbass. This is why Obama got re-elected, because a large number of people are just too stupid to follow what is going on. FIRES? You are a moron. What happened was a 7 hour long attack on two US facilities in Libya by Al Qaeda with mortars, RPGs and heavy machine guns, an attack in which our ambassador was killed with 3 other Americans while the President and his advisers watched the whole thing in real time with their thumbs up their asses and then sent out their weasels like Jake Carney and Susan Rice who tried to pass it off as a small protest of that stupid Youtube video. See, Obama was trying to tell everybody that Al Qaeda is dead before the election. Fox cut off the interview because it was clear that the guest didn’t have a clue what went on. Get your head out of your ass.

  3. “Obama won. You all lost”?? Look who’s being spoon fed. You lost to my friend as did the country. Go occupy something.

  4. MSNBC is unabashed about their support for the democratic party – that’s their target audience. The other outlets you mentioned are rather fair and balanced, except for Faux News. Fox is still too chickens#it to stop pretending they are fair or balanced – their niche are right-wingers, who celebrate hypocrisy over honesty.

  5. Yeah, Chuck, unfortunately because of you morons we’re ALL going to be ‘dealing with it’ here shortly – gloom, despair, agony – all the words that follow B. Hussein OBama around because of his incompetence. You’re the reason we’re in this mess – you know, the horrible mess that the whiny, pantywaist president inherited-from himself. It’s going to be a long 4 years unless his general ignorance does himself in first. Obama sucks.

  6. @Clark and Brad
    Get your knuckles off the ground and evolve a little already, it won’t kill you, I promise.

  7. That awkward moment when conservatives regurgitate the exact same unhinged rhetoric they were spoon-fed by Fox News while calling you an “Obamabot.”
    I love irony, but… not that much.
    Obama won. You all lost. Deal with it.

  8. Well said Clark! So fox is a “republican network”? What about NBC,CBS,ABC and not to mention the race bating MSNBC. This news affiliates guaranteed the re-election of Obama.
    And I feel pretty sure the producer didn’t care about his idiotic remarks, they probably just laughed it off and chalked it up to another Obamabot.

  9. Fires? Really?! FIRES???!!! How about terrorist attacks on our soil where an ambassador and 3 more Americans were murdered? Sheesh…, its no wonder Obama got re-elected with morons like you out there.
    I won’t even attempt to argue the free speech thing here- there’s no arguing with idiots.
    Lefties always want whoever disagrees to just shut up and go away….as long as there’s an America that will not happen, unless by force. Pull your head out of Obama’s colon….you need some fresh air assholes.

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