!! OMG It’s My First Day! !!

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Well hi and everything! I know everyone (including me) is mourning Graydon’s departure to the mean and celebrity-peen-free streets of NYC, but I urge you all to dry your eyes because I’m here now, which means everything is going to be okay. It’s normal to be a little uneasy at the scary prospect of change, but I swear I swear I swear I’m going to be the COUSIN GERI rather than the COUSIN OLIVER of this web concern.
A little bit about me: my name is Bmad, I’m an Aries with an Aquarius rising, and I’ve been a faithful OMG reader since Frank’s first post. In the guise of my alter-ego, I write novels for teenage girls, which I would love it if you bought in large quantities. I’ll be posting here at least four times a day, so everything new will seem old again in no time.
Feel free to give me a warm welcome at [email protected] Nude pics happily accepted!

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31 Comments on "OMG It’s My First Day!"

  1. well where are you writing from, love?

  2. Yes, this new guy is FUCKING HOT!

  3. I’m glad to see the blog has passed into capable hands. But keep in mind you’ll be held to one high standard, sir. The only thing that can ease the tension is twice the celebrity peen as before.

  4. You’re not my real mommy! I want Graydon!

  5. Hey gorgeous! Welcome and good luck! Best wishes from Brazil (yeah, the whole country)

  6. OMG I think Im preggers

  7. OMG! ur so handsome! is that you?
    ohhh ahhhh ohhhh brgrhhh
    there! I just came staring at yyour handsome pic!

  8. well shit, thanks for the warm welcome everyone– both here in the comments and to those of you who emailed me privately. i was totally joking about the naked pictures but now that i know the amazing reach of OMG Blog I am definitely going to start using it to make even more powerful requests. (and to those of you who did send naked pictures, I love you.)
    for the record, my hair is not nearly this nice in real life.

  9. I’m in Graydon-withdrawl, but it’s nice that OMGBlog is always written by super-hotties!

  10. Welcome Bmad, nice to have you in charge.

  11. Welcome Bmad.
    I have complete and utter faith in you. It’s just a feeling I have.
    But I shan’t send any naked photos of myself. I am just not that kind of boy.
    Of course, buy me a Happy Meal and I may change my mind.
    Break a leg. You’ll be great.

  12. Phoning it in on the first day?…..Lazy. (I like that)
    What are these novels, and maybe I can flog them on the adolescent girls I take care of.
    Because I am tired about hearing of sparkly vampires.
    You are adorable – but how do you look dressed as Olive Oyl?
    Welcome. 🙂

  13. well hello there big eyes..! welcome to the neigboorhood… looking forward 2 your post… lets see what you are made from :D:D:D:D:D

  14. Welcome aboard, Bmad. I see you’re already off to a great start with Day 1, so here’s looking forward to more great stories from you.

  15. Lets see your nude pics first stud. I’ll show you mine if I can see yours!! 😉

  16. You’re adorable, Bmad.

  17. Reeky Ricardo | August 31, 2009 at 4:23 pm | Reply

    OMG! Welcome, I’ve always loved the site but this is my first post.

  18. Glad to have you, and if that’s you in the pic, WoW you are stunning! 🙂
    Best wishes with getting the dish on celebs and other fun reading material.

  19. Beautiful eyes….boyfriend?

  20. Geez folks, enough with the peen requests. Bmad welcome. Um, BTW, you should probably show it just to shut these people up.

  21. Welcome. Glad to see you are up for the challenge.
    Yes, he is cute. No, we don’t have to see his peen. Well you know what I’m saying. It’s good to imagine.
    How you doin’?
    Welcome again

  22. Nude pics happily accepted?
    Let’s start with your sunshine! 🙂

  23. Yea for Cousin Geri!
    Looking forward to your posts!
    Cousin Blair Warner

  24. I have lurked and lurked and lurked but now I have to comment.
    hot authors are my kryptonite.
    I think I love you.

  25. i’ve never been more excited re: OMG blog! totes amaze!!!!

  26. You’re cute. Welcome.

  27. Welcome, Bmad!

  28. yeah yeah, just make with the celebrity peen. 😉

  29. I want to see YOUR peen, Bmad.

  30. good luck babe, show us some penis please xx

  31. Squee!! The one and only Bmad from Fey Friends? Welcome to omg!

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