!! OMG, halted in action: MIA’s docu-teaser !!

Released by director Steve Loveridge on Tumblr, here’s the teaser for “bad girl” MIA’s unfinished documentary:

“This is what happened to a kid who’s dad went off and became a terrorist”

Steve Loveridge quit the project a couple of days ago
, claiming he’d rather “die than work on it,” in the wake of the legal pitfalls that currently riddle it’s completion. In response MIA took to Squarker-twoot to get the hypothetical ball rolling for a Kickstarter campaign to fund and complete the project.
I wonder if they will be accepting right arms for funding as I will gladly donate mine if it means seeing Diplo‘s cheeky mug more and more!

“You wanna see my story ? I’ll show you my story !”

[via papermag]

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