!! OMG, wipe that google pap smear: PERSIA’s “Google Google Apps Apps” !!

It’s like Divine David just replaced his dial-up modem with some sort of supranet connection and is going AWOL on what he thinks is GeoCities.
Produced by San Fran Trans Clan Black Glitter Collective and directed by the talentfilled fun-dumpster VAINHEIN, “Google Google Apps Apps” speaks all about all those Caucasian princess-types that are “gentrifying their love” anywhere that’s not gleaming white anywhere everywhere all the time on insta-vine.
I get it, I want to be BLASIAN for Christmess but there’s no app for that, the best I can do is breed in a multicultural snuggle puddle and marriage the afterbirth, then re-breed with that and have myself surgically sewn to that one, then maybe I can be Blasian like in a thousand christmases time…maybe.
“Wanna see, durrrrr ?”
[thanks Produzentin [who btw is “that girl you like”!]

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