!! OMG, Judging a book by it’s cover: Keys N Krates’ ‘Treat Me Right’ !!

An exploration of various stunning harlequin romance novella covers Keys N Krates’ ‘Treat Me Right’ video I’m totally seeing more of a sort of would you rather [damsel decision dilemma version].
Would you rather:
1) kiss besides a caged waving panda?
2) make out with a denim all-over Nicholas Cage large-faced looky-likey [at 00.45]
3) ride atop a bejeweled Pegasus steed
4) or forget about all those basic bitches, I’m wearing a topaz blue circus catsuit [no bra] and fighting off mutant raccoon she-wolfs with my semi-auto that I got ?
It’s a rhetorical question, the ‘correct’ answer is ‘number 4’; NON-BASIC TOPAZ BANSHEE, those others are all rancid hungry-bum curb-slop!
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