!! OMG, hear the new Kylie Minogue single “All The Lovers” !!

When Kylie Minogue did things a bit differently on her last album X, fans became distraught and confused. Three years later the Aussie singer is playing it safe with “All The Lovers”, a big summer single that heralds her return to banal, lightweight, don’t-f*ck-with-the-formula pop music. People tell me it sounds ‘gay’, but I have a sinking sensation that what they really mean is ‘vanilla’. Either way that photo of Kylie ascending Christ-like toward the heavens is utterly ridiculous. Pass this one to the left.

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6 Comments on "OMG, hear the new Kylie Minogue single “All The Lovers”"

  1. What the HELL are you talking about? The song is awesome…why are bloggers such haters??? I don’t get it….I’m all for opinions but at some point bloggers lose sight of that and get off on being NASTY….its lame…… Kylie is a breath of fresh air into the lame pop music thats out now.

  2. It’s… alright. Chorus is a bit bland, reminds me of another song though, can’t remember what!!
    And given that the album is called Aphrodite, she would be atop Olympus, being all goddessy and whatnot, rather than ascending to heavens a la Jesus.

  3. are you kidding me ? this track is genious , soft and airy . The music floats thruough your ears. I LOVE THIS SONG , CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR THE REST FROM APHRODITE !!

  4. InscrutableTed | May 15, 2010 at 10:47 am | Reply

    I don’t think she’s “ascending”. I think she’s supposed to be standing atop a mountain like an Olympian goddess. She clearly has some (vulvic) pillars behind her.

  5. No fun at all. X was her best album ever.

  6. Exactly.

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