!! OMG, Now We Can Die: Star-studded Don’t Stop Believing at Carnegie Hall !!

Well, 2012’s barreling toward us like a Mayan snake-bird-God on fire, and you know what that means: APOCALYPSE!
Yes, the End Times are coming, which means it’s time to start watching for the signs. You know: plagues of locusts, raining frogs, Lady Gaga and Elton John (and Shirley Bassey, Debbie Harry, and Bruce Springsteen) singing Don’t Stop Believing at Carnegie Hall… things like that.
Oh also, is it just me or is Our Lady wearing a Barbra Streisand costume?
[Via The Awl]

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3 Comments on "OMG, Now We Can Die: Star-studded Don’t Stop Believing at Carnegie Hall"

  1. I vote the hot rent boys in their underwear! who new? I wonder if Elton took them all home for an orgy?

  2. I’m so confused as to why the chorus line of men in underwear came out. Did they think it wasn’t quite sufficiently gay enough already?

  3. So there’s a very close tie for the “best thing about that video”
    1: The fact that Gaga, Sting, and Debbie Harry appeared to be the only ones intent on finishing the song.
    2: Dame Shirley being completely checked out and not even pretending to care. Very close winner when she turned around to look at the half naked people.

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