!! OMG, He’s Fake Naked: John Edwards !!

News of the John Edwards sex tape has everyone all hot and bothered about the former presidential candidate’s reportedly impressive schlong. Well, I’m sorry to report that I still haven’t gotten my hands on the tape. Someone?! Anyone?! …
Nope, still don’t have it. Sorry guys!
However, gentle reader Beau Kner was nice enough to send me what is almost totally definitely a fake picture of Sen. Edwards all nude and legs akimbo and everything, and in addition to being somewhat LOL, I think it gives us a good idea of what’s in store. Yes, I can pretty much guarantee that it’s not real. But while we wait for the sex-tape to be revealed, why not amuse ourselves with a little wishful thinking?
Oh, whatever— I know you’re all watching the Apple Tablet launch anyway. (Breaking: I guess it’s going to be called the iPad? Grossout! No, don’t put it there!)
The picture is after the jump. Very very NSFW!

John Edwards for president!
Thanks to Beau Kner for the pic…

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7 Comments on "OMG, He’s Fake Naked: John Edwards"

  1. WOW….Awesome pic of John Edwards…Nice!

  2. Beau Kner… hmm… sounds a lot like Boner.

  3. I’m John Edwards and I approve of this message.

  4. yeah. REAL good fake. *incredulous look* if you’d look, oh, i don’t know, a few inches above the penis, you’d notice that the hair on his head is IMMACULATE… Q.E.D.

  5. Pity. If that and the Jesse McCartney nude would make their way out, we’d all be better off.

  6. that’s a damn good fake, either way.

  7. I know, right? How’re we supposed to believe there’s a sex tape if nobody’s seen it?

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