!! OMG, He’s For Gay Marriage (sorta): Mike Huckabee !!

Evangelical once and future Republican presidential candidate/fattie Mike Huckabee is profiled this week in liberal fag publication The New Yorker and while the reporter– OMG lezzie krush object Ariel Levy– reminds us that he “has called homosexuality ‘sinful and unnatural’ and is fond of amusing audiences with the witticism “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” he did extend an olive branch to the Adam/Steve community when it comes to the all-important topic of two-peen marriage.
Turns out he’s not against it! Or at least– he writes in an e-mail to Levy– not if the conditions are just right:

“The only thing worse than a torrid affair with sweet, sweet Nancy [Pelosi] would be a torrid affair with Helen Thomas. If those were my only options, I’d probably be FOR same-sex marriage!”

LOLOLOL! Someone give this man his own talk show! Oh, wait…
[The New Yorker via Wonkette]

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