!! OMG, Call a Thpade a Thpade: Comically gay person rails against homosexuality !!

Hint to all evangelical Christian homophobes. If you want people to take you seriously in your anti-gay rants, you might want to lose the frosted tips, the eyeliner, and the Fire Island-In-Winter ensemble.
If you want more, Mary Contrary shares the story of how he turned straight— including the inspiring tale of his str8 wedding night– after the jump!
[Via The Awl]

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10 Comments on "OMG, Call a Thpade a Thpade: Comically gay person rails against homosexuality"

  1. Kids, let this be a lesson… poppers can make you psychotic

  2. What Missy Muffin forgot to mention was that his moment of “straight” marital ecstasy came when his wife was banging him with a strap-on.

  3. This child is on fire with arms flying, the snapping, the eyes poppin’, and the expression, “god’s not havin’ it!” with a dramatic finger wave. I feel bad for this queen-love yourself and let go of the shame! You are gay, doll! Plus you are FINE!!!!!! I’d like some of that! Amen!

  4. This just makes me really sad. This guy got into horrible stuff and then instead of helping him some even more messed up people made him hate himself for who he is.

  5. How much must one hate himself to get to this point?
    Religion… what is it good for? I don’t know; do you know?

  6. His rocking back and forth not only is distracting, its a clear indication of psychosis.

  7. I watched part two and this bitch is still snapping when he talks. He is still gay sweetheart.

  8. This lady is looking mighty fierce with his soulpatch and scarf giiiiirrrlll.
    I wonder if he realizes that he makes Boy Georges sexuality look questionable. But I’m sure he’s straight now.

  9. I love this!!! I wonder where he got that scarf from….. hmm…
    p.s. where did they get that DRAMATIC music. lol

  10. This girl needs to get a grip.

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