!! OMG, his face: Rupert Everett !!

Rupert Everett looks more than a little refreshed after what appears to be an extensive round of plastic surgery. He looks like a completely different person. (via Jak & Jil)

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14 Comments on "OMG, his face: Rupert Everett"

  1. Anne Hedonia | April 17, 2009 at 5:43 pm | Reply

    OMG! He had them remove all his sexy! *WAIL!* Rupert, I never thought I’d say this, but you can no longer be my favorite gay man crush!

  2. Don’t even recognize him! Rupert, what were you thinking? You were gorgeous before, be careful or you’ll end up looking like Kenny Rogers. Scary.

  3. Wasn’t he just talking about how superficial and self-serving the gay community was for wanting to be surrogate dads? Um–kettle, this is the pot…

  4. He looks like Kevin Kline now!!!

  5. Rupert looked bad for his age, unfortunately; he’s not even 50 yet! He should have taken better care of himself in his younger days. Now – freekazoid! They didn’t even get rid of the crow’s feet!

  6. damn, one more reason NEVER to have plastic surgery! They actually pay people to do that to themselves? I thought the US was against torture?

  7. Yeah that’s sad. It is an awful job, just awful, assuming it is accurate (its from The Star after all). Is that the same hack who did Kenny Rogers? Rupert now looks like comedian Jimmy Carr more than himself, and while that’s not a bad thing it is too much change. And what’s with his eyes now just having slit-like openings?

  8. Just saw him on Broadway a week ago today and waited for him and Angela Lansbury at the Stage Door. He looks terrific, but it’s obvious that he’s had this work done. Still, he was a very nice guy, and he walked away wearing a pair of rather unflattering, baggy jeans and carrying a backpack instead of a manbag.

  9. Wow…shameful! I blame Madonna.

  10. The after photo has been EXTENSIVELY retouched, so I had to Google him to get a second look. I did run across one photo of him after surgery and it also looks nothing like him. This can’t have been what he was going for.

  11. omg. im speechless. and that doesnt happen often.

  12. ugh! he doesnt look any younger, he actually looks older and FAKE. Much better before.

  13. he looks way hotter older
    looks so gross now

  14. So wow, he had his ears done too. They look closer to his head. He looks really plastic-y in that picture. I think he looked better before. He was all rugged and dignified and sexy like older men are. Now he looks like a store mannequin.

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