!! OMG, how correct: Baby Wee Wee !!

Baby Wee Wee doesn’t just squirt water in your face like other naughty dolls, it actually has a sex organ! Little girls will be surprised and delighted by what lies beneath the diaper. (Thanks to Minh T. for the tip!)
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4 Comments on "OMG, how correct: Baby Wee Wee"

  1. These days I’m surprised selling such a thing doesn’t get legal scrutiny. The US government in particular has been working to make computer generated child porn illegal, or even digital manipulation of explicit images of 18 year olds to make them seem underage. Couldn’t pedophiles get off on such a doll also, especially a pedophile into watersports? Some people freak about a freeze-frame penis glimpse on Survivor, but anatomically correct infant dolls are okay? Seems odd, mainly because I don’t pretend to understand why some people overact so strongly on some accidental things a child might see while not reacting to other related things that are marketed at children. Is it okay for children to see that boys have a penis, but not to see that men do too?
    Oh, and OMG, that baby penis appears to be uncircumcised. Where is you-know-who’s comment about that?

  2. I fill mine with vodka and take it to clubs and let it pee in mouth and I walk around trying to pick guys up. Nothing gets you laid faster than a baby that pees vodka.

  3. Uh…….. what?

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