!! OMG, how bizarre: Rich people !!

My buddy Matt recently turned me on to the wonders of newyorksocialdiary.com, where I found this photo of New York socialite Topsy Taylor. From the website, I learned the Ms. Taylor loves ice cream, has an “upper class, Mid-Atlantic accent” (one of the few who still does), and is distantly related to someone who worked for John Jacob Astor back in the day (from what I can tell, everyone on the New York Social Diary List wishes they were related to Mr. Astor himself). You can read the rest of her fascinating details here.
I may periodically highlight other members of The List as the spirit moves me, so stay tuned.

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7 Comments on "OMG, how bizarre: Rich people"

  1. Rich people always have big hair. It’s one of their secret rules. But it should be ash blonde, especially if one is Episcopalian.

  2. you could feed a family for a week on the meat on those rich bones, but eat em up fast cuz they start to stink fast after you skin em

  3. Hey, did you see? PATTY HEARST is on there! LOL! Awesome.

  4. Actually Topsy sounds quite decent and has a real life, based upon her page. That I can appreciate.

  5. The ‘H’ list features Patty Hearst “Patty is a very popular young mother who’s written books, acted in films, chaired charity galas and otherwise might remind you of that nice neighbor next door” and the Hiltons “and as Paris stepped out into the nightlife (and the limelight) more, the tongues were wagging”.

  6. funnier still is that in the profile just above Topsy, Miss Lucy Sykes is wearing the same exact dress! Don’t these people have PR flunkies?

  7. From the looks of Topsy Taylor, I do believe her family must have made their fortune by inventing Dippity Do. I have never seen hair that big north of Maryland!

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