!! OMG, how deadly: Sarah Palin media appearances !!

Sarah Palin just won’t stop appearing on television and saying nothing. At least this time there is a little action happening the background. Have you ever seen a live turkey get killed in a giant funnel before? It’s like she did it with her words. (Thanks to Ed for the tip!)

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5 Comments on "OMG, how deadly: Sarah Palin media appearances"

  1. Funny how you liberal nuts just can’t accept someone who is better than you.
    To back up polacko-you city folk just need to get a grip on reality. Poultry and beef have to start somewhere…it just doesn’t appear in a nice little package at the grocery.

  2. yea…fucking idiot!

  3. I am Danish, but omg I’m just so thankful that I don’t have to hear that voice as muchas if she had been on the winning team! lol. Just about THE most annoying voice EVER!!!

  4. many of us will be eating turkey next week. you DO know that they have to be killed first, right ?
    they don’t just show up wrapped in plastic in the supermarket. and btw, it might be time to give the palin derangement syndrome a rest.
    happy turkey day !

  5. When does Mrs. Family Value’s knocked-up daughter planning to get married……don’t want that little one waiting in the oven to be labeled a common bastard? When is her next photo op, at a KKK lynching?

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