!! OMG, the most horrible day of their lives: David Archuleta fans !!

I admit I didn’t watch the most recent season of American Idol, but I am aware that an impossibly innocent young lad by the name of David Archuleta captured the hearts of tween girls and moms all across America, but their votes just weren’t enough to win him the final prize. The above video displays the aftermath of this catastrophe. (via Dlisted and Ed)

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19 Comments on "OMG, the most horrible day of their lives: David Archuleta fans"

  1. Wait til these girls find out David loves to wrap his pretty soft kissable lips around big dicks.

  2. Oh, Taylor beat me to it.

  3. And YES, Alex! Sooooo true, and sad.

  4. Hahahahahahahaha.
    I love how the girl on the right (just after Cook won) was laughing at the other girls overreacting. She and possibly the other girl off-frame are the only potentially sane and rational ones. Not that they’re not pathetic, but they at least have potential to be significant!

  5. An interesting example of “Mass Hysteria” and Social Dominance! Notice how the 2 taller girls from the onset are seriously more emotional while all the others are watching their own reactions and then become fully “engaged” in the hysteria!! You can see who are the leaders and who are the followers here – a great example of “Peer Pressure”!

  6. Ok. I think that was the funniest thing I have ever seen. It kind of makes me envious that they have the capacity to care so much. I must have been like that at one point about something. I just can’t remember when or what.

  7. the tallest girl looks like she was reaching for her orgasm…

  8. Every one of them has the same haircut. Village of the Damned.

  9. For a split second, I read “innocent young lady by the name of David…”
    I wonder if the Mormon church will excommunicate him if/when he comes out.

  10. I laughed so hard!!!! That was even funnier than the “dancing fail” earlier this week.

  11. they’r gonna be really bummed they find out hes gay

  12. This is perhaps the most awesome piece of video I have seen this entire year.
    It’s so awesome, I’m putting it on repeat.
    Observing the grief dynamics of the group is interesting. The girl in orange isn’t genuinely upset. Later in the vid she hides her face so they can’t see her giggle.

  13. OMG, this is so far and away my all-time favorite thing ever ever.

  14. lol Priceless. Bless them. I was so hoping for Archuleta too, but have to admit that I got over it just a tad more graceful lmao. And Chris, I think some gays cried aswell lol.

  15. Young or old, this is why girls suck and being gay rules.

  16. In my next life…. I dont want to be a tweeny….lol

  17. Okay, so that’s totally what went on in my head when Christian beat Rami on PR…. Though, on the outside, I was the awkward girl with the pillow trying REALLY hard to look like she cared as much as everyone else.

  18. Ah…to be a 12 year-old girl. My favorite quote:
    “Why did they vote for that loser? That loser that doesn’t SHAVE!”
    I also like the girl that gets concerned that David Archuleta’s stage father from hell his going to beat him now that he lost.

  19. OMG – I had to stop eating my breakfast for fear that I would choke to death from laughing…
    Thanks OMG, this is about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on here! I wish all I had to worry about in my life was who won American Idol; sadly I know some adults like that… LMAO!!!!

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