!! OMG, the feeling of Suede: Suede’s ‘Bloodsports’ !!

I’ve even herd grandma’s saying that the 90s is back in fashion, and when those references trickle down as far as Rihanna’s River Island Collection you know the references are being lost in a vapid superficial kind of a way, although give me a shear floor-length and a woven plastic choker any day and I will wear that shit for another 20 years, or until it disintegrates off of my sweaty fat neck!
On the other end of the scale, Suede are back with a new album and “halleluj” as it’s been forever since ’94’s Dog Man Star.
If you’re not so familiar with the touch of Suede [I’m slightly clueless as to which bands made it over here from over there], they were the band responsible for such as ‘The Beautiful Ones’, ‘Still Life’ and my personal favourite, ‘She’s In Fashion’, which leads me to thinking maybe Rihanna should take a listen to Suede’s new album ‘Bloodsports’ over at NPR, where it’s streaming for free.
Come to think of it, maybe she can make use of those big River Island denim-dungaree front-pockets and I’ll send her ‘Dog Man Star’ to have a listen to on her cd-walkman!
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