!! OMG, how slutty: Bratz Babyz !!

What’s the earliest age a young girl should be interested in wearing makeup and looking “hotter than hot”? Duh, it’s infancy! At least according to the folks at MGA Entertainment, maker of the Bratz doll. Meet the Bratz Babyz: the result of Mommy Bratz’s little accident in the club bathroom. (via Feyfriends)

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3 Comments on "OMG, how slutty: Bratz Babyz"

  1. Wow you people named this right, filthy, describing your minds. These are kids playing dress-up and if anything the crazy guy chasing the kid should be a good lesson for kids to not sneak out, loonies like you people looking at kids and getting all overwrought that is your mind’s problem not a cute animated film.

  2. That was exactly what I said when I played it. When I realized the tots were gyrating in their panties, I had to stop the vid. I have a sister and a cousin around the target age, and this is not a good look. WTF….

  3. Thats wrong on SO many levels. Especially when the perverse overwieght film enthusiast chases the baby. Did I miss something there?
    The songs pretty ferocious though.

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