!! OMG, I Reluctantly Disapprove: Pentagon considering separate gay showers !!

Someone alert Dink Flamingo! The U.S. military has revealed that it’s seriously considering separate barracks and showers for gay soldiers, if and when they actually decide to let them in.
I know this is horrible discrimination and the equivalent of segregation, but for the first time in my life I’m actually considering joining the army! I hear it pays better than OMG Blog (no offense, Frank!) and, uh, those showers actually sound like they could be, you know, a lot of fun. Just call me Private Bmad
Seriously, this is wrong and bad! Separate but equal is no kind of equality at all!
(Okay I have to go masturbate now.)
[Via Joe.My.God]

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5 Comments on "OMG, I Reluctantly Disapprove: Pentagon considering separate gay showers"

  1. i’m really into swimming, but i get really turned on when i’m surrounded by naked dudes… so, even though it’s discriminatory, isn’t it a bit unrealistic to expect all straight soldiers to be down with showering with gay guys with boners?
    also, special shower quarters for gay guys. yes, that’s called an orgy.

  2. Okaaay…a bunch of gay men in a shower together?
    Really? Less would go on if hets & mos showered together. Kind of like at Ballys. 😛

  3. What’s next, gay soldiers have to ride in the back of the tank? Will there be signs out front that say “Straights only canteen”?

  4. wow this is wrong, but on the bright side I bet some pretty crazy fun things would go on in those showers

  5. Nothing to send you running to the closet then getting a free show taken away. What a horrible idea!

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