!! OMG, I’m not here to make friends !!

Rich at Fourfour has created a magnum opus with this video montage created from all those reality television moments of maverick frustration that result in the classic phrase, “I’m not here to make friends.” It’s amazing how so many fiercely independent people can all come together to create one enormous cliche.

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6 Comments on "OMG, I’m not here to make friends"

  1. Wow, I couldn’t even make it all the way through those chuckleheads…

  2. I’m REALLY not here to make friends though!

  3. I still want to see the “this is a competition” version! I’d make it myself, but I’m too lazy.

  4. hahaha I was watching Tila Tequila or something like that the other day and was saying that it seems like a requirement to be onreity TV is tosay “I’m not here to make frinds” haha thanksfor showig m this 😀

  5. lol that was awesome.

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