!! OMG, I’m voting Republican !!

Just kidding. (via Feyfriends)

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5 Comments on "OMG, I’m voting Republican"

  1. Its a joke people! Lighten up! There is as much liberal backlash out there as there is conservative.

  2. …Cuz If The Label Says It’s Food That’s Good Enough For Me..(Too Fuckin’ Funny)

  3. what a crock…can’t you libs come up with ANYTHING new after all these years? Nearly every point made can be directly tied to a failed liberal policy yet you want to do what you always do, blame republicans. It’s always the same old story-yet somehow I don’t see how liberal policies have been so great with a democrat congress that led for over 50 years, then after just 2 years in control again, things head into the toilet AGAIN…hmmmmmmm. CONSERVATIVES RULE!

  4. This is an awesome rendition of reality…
    The imperialist (corporations) establish the monarchy posing as representatives of the American Republic,(a democracy). Great flick!

  5. Um…I’ll get crucified for this, but if people actually believe what that video says, they are idiots. Not a single thing implied by that video is accurate. It only goes to show how much of a fundamental misunderstanding of true Republican(Conservative) principals exists among the general public. The only reason for most of the things in that video can be blamed on the movement of many republicans to the left…like McCain.

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