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George Michael
should be touched to read all the gushing Father Figure testimonials that came out of the official !! omg blog !! George Michael contest, but we had to pick only a few to Make It Big and win the fabulous prizes at stake: a pair of tickets to see George in concert on his 25 LIVE tour (his first in North America in 17 years) and some copies of his Twenty Five DVD!
In the interest of Fastlove, let’s skip the suspense and check out the winning entries after the jump!

The four runners-up took diverse approaches to the contest, which earned each of them a free George Michael Twenty Five DVD. The entries ranged from rhyming:

George can be my father figure
Need to get outta this mess
He can be my secret lover
To mum I won’t confess
George can be my father figure
I have had enough
pretentious twinks
He can be my sugar daddy
On my knees before I blink

To the more straightforward:

I would like George Michael to be my Father Figure because he’s got a beautifully hairy chest that I’d love to rub my face in as I admire him and tell him how proud I am to be his son. I’d do everything I could to lure him into my bed, because I want his sex, too!!!

To the punny:

Because our favorite baseball teams are the same… the Expos and the Yanks :)*

To the inclusive:

I always fantasized that George was Andrew Ridgely’s daddy, and that was good enough for me (picture Daddy’s head in Andrew’s lap while making SOMETHING big!)
I just loved the album/song titles, too. “Make it Big”, Bad Boys”, “I’m Your Man” and, certainly, when George DIDN’T shave his chest hair, he was so hot, and Andrew’s and MY, Father Figure!
You’ve got IT so, GM. flaunt it, Daddy!

But the winning entry came shining through as a beacon of poignance. If only we all had a story like this:

When I was 18 (in 1988) and living in southeast georgia, i was a slightly chubby, slightly pastey, somewhat girly white boy. Until, that is, I heard George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex.”
For some reason, that song conjured fantasies in my mind of becoming a go-go dancer in a jock strap, and embracing and enjoying sexuality.
So, I dropped 20 pounds, buffed up, got a tan, went to Hotlanta, danced in my jock strap and Doc Martens, and spent the weekend with Mr. Leather Atlanta. I haven’t looked back.
George Michael is my father figure because he taught me that it was ok (even better than ok) to enjoy sex.

Congratulations, Chris! You won two free tickets to see George Michael in concert and a copy of his Twenty Five DVD!

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