!! OMG, they’re actually happening: Gay weddings in CA !!

The matrimonial floodgates have officially opened today in California, when the first samesex wedding ceremonies will be happening after 5:01pm PST. Since the clerk’s office closes around then, most of the ceremonies will begin tomorrow, and the two gays pictured above will be among the first couples in line for a marriage license.
There is still no news on whether or not there will be a gay marriage referendum on the November ballot in California.

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3 Comments on "OMG, they’re actually happening: Gay weddings in CA"

  1. “Hey, remember what we did 4 years ago? Yeah, someone else finally caught up.”….said Massachusetts. 🙂

  2. According to my friends who are getting hitched tomorrow, even if the ban gets passed in November, the marriages performed before then will still be legal and valid. So if you’re lucky enough to have somebody you want to marry, do it before November! 🙂

  3. Actually, there IS news about the initiative to amend the California State Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage. Unfortunately, It WILL be on the ballot and we have known that since June 3rd.

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