!! OMG, introducing Coverboy Geoffrey !!

Geoffrey is the first !! omg social club !! Coverboy brave enough to use his body as a canvas, and look how artful!
You can add Geoffrey as a friend over at the social club, and meet other cute friends too (sign-up is free and takes less than a minute). And make sure you check out Geoffrey’s blog “According to G“!
There are some exciting discussions going on about the new TV seasons that just started, plus our travel calendar and free private video chat are there for you too.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: The Coverboy contest is ongoing! I hope some of you will follow Geoffrey’s lead and show us what you’ve got. Details are here.

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3 Comments on "OMG, introducing Coverboy Geoffrey"

  1. Get back to me if you decide to have a non-twink as a coverboy. What is this, Manhunt?

  2. His happy trail makes it look like .dom … Going for niche now?

  3. OMG, G! You Won! I am so proud!

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