!! OMG, Showdown: Michael Lucas vs. Ann Coulter !!

It was annoying person vs. annoying person this weekend at the fabulously conservative GOProud gay Republican convention, where the keynote speaker was none other than the Liza Minelli of evil Republican bitches, Ann Coulter herself. But that’s not all! Quasi-conservative gay porn-star/magnate Michael Lucas showed up to argue with her about… something. It’s kind of hard to tell though, because before you know it he’s being shouted down by his fellow gay conservatives for daring to question her royal eminence Ms. Coulter. God forbid!
(When Michael Lucas seems like the most reasonable person in the room, you know you’re in the wrong room.)
[via Michael Musto]

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2 Comments on "OMG, Showdown: Michael Lucas vs. Ann Coulter"

  1. why is it that ann gets challenged for her jokes at a conservative function but when folks like colbert, stewart, and maher make crude ‘jokes’ based on insulting stereotypes, they always get a pass??

  2. To hell with democrats, and republicans who are closeted dems!

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