!! OMG, it’s alive: Deep fried fish !!

Chinese chefs have figured out how to keep fish alive while they deep fry them so they can be delivered still breathing on your plate. Warning: This video is a little disturbing. (via HuffPo via Tommy)

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15 Comments on "OMG, it’s alive: Deep fried fish"

  1. I just puked a little in my mouth… and I’m ashamed to say that I’m from Hong Kong. Not all of us are that sadistic.

  2. @Dan: I absolutely read your post completely. I was criticizing your inability to tell that the people in the video obviously weren’t Japanese.

  3. Clearly Sabat did not read my post completely or he/she would have seen that I said “Japanese or not….” which means it does not matter what race of people did this. Meaning it is irrelevant in my my who did this. It is cruel…that is it. That is my point.

  4. I think its disgusting and I won’t eat it, but humans are on top of the food chain. One day maybe fish will be smart enough to cook humans. Until then, to those who enjoy this, cheers to them.

  5. This video was just awful – So cruel! I thought people were bad in North America (i.e. poor treatment of pets) but this is truly disgusting! Cruelty just for the sake of food and to laugh about it…So sad – I guess we take our protections against animal cruelty for granted here. Maybe ‘Karma’ will teach them a lesson.

  6. I am scarred for life.

  7. Slow down there Bob, I think you over shot the mark calling the people on the video “filthy Japanese bastards” Okay I get it, you may or may not have located their ethnicity correctly, regardless your bigotry is showing. Any human capable of animal cruelty is a douche in my book, but you kinda sound like a WWII vet that has PTSD and rancor. I agree these folks are bastards, but a blanket statement of a whole ethnicity is kinda like saying all “fags deserve AIDS”, think before you type. JMTC

  8. okay first of all they’re not japanese but chinese; second, here we have a big culture difference. I personally don’t eat anything that’s undercooked, but in Asia some people do, it’s a part of asian culture just like the cannibal tribes; And the last, as long as you’re not a vegeterian you have no rights to judge these people and stop making the old american excuse that “it’s two totally different situation..”

  9. @ Bob, Dan, & Stephen:
    If any of you had bothered to be somewhat worldly, or weren’t too lazy to check the uploader’s profile, you would have known that this was from Hong Kong (which is in China, in case you didn’t know).
    Believe it or not, not all Asians are the same.

  10. How disgusting and cruel.

  11. That is beyond cruel. The writing looks Korean to me.

  12. Wait wait wait….so are you telling me that they deep fry the fish…..but keep its gills/head/mouth out of the fryer so it stays breathing while the lower body is cooked? If that is the case……I too am truly disgusted. They do this to laugh? To watch an animal suffer and giggle about it? Japanese or not….I do not understand any people who find anything like this funny.

  13. Thats disgusting and cruel, I hope they die…the people that is.

  14. I saw this about a month ago and I have yet been able to get it out of my head. To me it is truly one of the most disturbing video’s I have ever seen. And the people around the poor fish just piss me off! Just disturbing!

  15. I cannot believe that those filthy Japanese bastards think it is funny to watch a creature suffering. I wish it were then deep-fried alive and see how funny it would be. What good does it do to make the poor fish suffer like that? If this is typical compasion of the Japanese people, I want none of them!!!

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