!! OMG, It’s Here: The National Equality March !!

So this weekend is the big gay march, and i hope you’re going. If you know of any good parties, please send the invites my way! (No LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS, though; I’ve been burned one too many times. You’re like, “Pay for my dinner!” and they’re like, “What are you, a SOCIALIST?” And you’re like, “OBVIOUSLY; what’s the problem?! Are you paying or what?!”)
Anyway, tomorrow night Nobel Laureate in Chief Barack Obama will be giving his semiannual hurry up and wait speech to a room of rich white gayteratti, and Our Lady of the Gaga will be giving a special performance. While I love the Gags as much as anyone, reader Arthur points out that it would be more appropriate for Janet Jackson to perform:

Sunday is the actual march and rally, and if I’m not still too drunk to get off the couch, I’ll be covering the event for OMG Blog, so say hello if you see me. Bring good signs so I’ll have something to take pictures of!
That night I’ll be recovering at The New Gay’s always fun Homo/Sonic party at the Black Cat, which you should also attend.
Picture 38.png
Have fun, be safe, and raise some hell. Here’s to legal marriage, the speedy repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and of course, everyone getting totes laid.

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9 Comments on "OMG, It’s Here: The National Equality March"

  1. btw: this article from the advocate presents the actual, specific work that the whitehouse and congress are doing to repeal DA/DT:

  2. arthur!
    a stop loss order IS NOT a repeal of federal law Pub.L. 103-160 (10 U.S.C. § 654), which is popularly know as the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law (DA/DT)!
    a stop loss order is defined as an involuntary extension of a service member’s active duty service, meaning they must serve even if their original tour of duty was to end.
    a stop loss order does not CHANGE THE LAW!
    an executive order of a president does not and cannot change laws rendered by congress. if that was the case, we’d have a DICTATORSHIP. even the PATRIOT ACT had to be voted upon by congress. even the clandestine surveillance of american citizens had to be voted on by a special confidential congressional national security committee. it’s called CHECKS AND BALANCES, basic civics. homework, homework, homework…
    congress must vote en mass, through both the house, senate, and committees, to pass or repeal a law and then the president signs the repeal of the law. the only thing that nullifies a law is a supreme court decision.
    it baffles me why you don’t realize the difference!
    obama’s administration must place discharges for homosexual identification or expression under review, even unto halting them, until congress can begin and complete the review process. this is what obama CAN do, along with publicly advocating against DA/DT, which he has done time and time again.
    and take in mind that the obama administration along with the democrats worked HARD and is working HARD to get the hate crimes legislation passed. so that are hardly anti-gay as you originally implied in your comments.

  3. I was at the March and I just want to recap some of the wittiest and funniest protest signs:
    1. Don’t fear the queers
    2. I wanna marry; I just need a law and a man
    3. Hey Tom Delay; I saw you dance; I think you’re gay!
    4. Jesus had 2 dads and he turned out fine
    5. If I can’t marry my boyfriend, I have to marry your daughter!

  4. Veg: It could stop under a stop loss order.

  5. arthur:
    you are clueless about BASIC CIVICS!
    our president CANNOT reverse LAWS with a stroke of his pen, doufous!
    executive orders CANNOT reverse the LAWS that are DOMA and DA/DT.
    does it make you feel good to distort the basics of our legal and political system?
    these LAWS were passed under clinton.
    where were u when clinton and his congress passed these laws?
    now what obama can and should do is halt the process of discharges for being gay and place that system under review until congress takes up a repeal of DA/DT.
    please be more intelligent when you post about these matters. if you are going to wish for our president to fail at least get your facts straight. and don’t fucking cry when the president succeeds at certain initiatives. and don’t cry if he gets elected to a 2nd term either. i bet when DA/DT is repealed under president obama you will find some other reason to hate him. now THAT is the real FAIL.

  6. 1) The President can stop the prosecutions of DADT with a stroke of the pen. The majority of Americans (65%), no matter what the Right says, support the repeal of DADT. Senator Reid sent a letter to the President asking him for more leadership on repealing DADT.
    2) The President asks for respect for our relationships, can’t say the ‘M’ word. Does not mention Washington State or Maine.
    3) The HIV/AIDS travel restrictions were being eliminated in the Bush administration.
    4) As with Health Care, The Bailout and just about everything else, he wants the Congress to do the heavy lifting without any skin in the game. Does not commit, therefore does not fail.
    5) This is not Clinton II, more like Carter II. FAIL

  7. I have been waiting for this month all year!

  8. vegetablelollipop | October 10, 2009 at 5:53 pm | Reply

    “rich white gayteratti”…
    so true!
    but let’s not make the mistake of propping our president up as the sole solver-in-chief of all problems. don’t ask/don’t tell and the defense of marriage act are THE LAW of the land, passed by congress, and only the courts or congress can change these clinton-era laws thru votes. (yes, these bills passed under the former president bill clinton’s watch!)
    obama’s administration knows this. he/they know that congress is stupid, slow, and partisan. they can’t vote on 8 bills at the same time, much less ONE. they spend months arguing over the healthcare reform bill!
    much of the gay criticism against obama ignores BASIC civics.
    he must first build a coalition of likely voters within congress who will lead the process of repealing these laws.
    but, right now, LITERALLY, congress DOES NOT have enuf votes to repeal these anti-gay laws and the obama admin knows this!
    where the fuck where the gays when congress passed these bills BEFORE obama!
    gays ought to be picketing CONGRESS first, foremost, and always!
    but, in truth, the rich white gayteratti only want power…they know how congress works! they ALLOWED this shit to happen under clinton and played possum.
    did you see the log cabin repubs or hrc stabbing clinton for DOMA or DA/DT when he allowed those laws to pass without vetoes? NO, not NEARLY as much as THE CHILDREN cry about obama when he didn’t do shit to enact these laws and can’t undo them without congress.
    chil’, gays need to STUDY the civic reality before crying like bitches and fight the real enemies!
    rich white gayteratti will still be holding expensive blue plate dinners til queendom come!

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