!! OMG, It’s So Intimate: Cuddle Parties !!

Big Sister Cuddlebot Julie Chen– always with her finger on the femoral pulse of America– has discovered a cuddly craze that is sweeping the nation! According to this up-to-the-minute Early Show report, Americans everywhere are falling for Cuddle Parties— pajama-clad hugfests where, not to worry, sexual activity is prohibited and you have to get verbal permission just to touch someone’s forehead.
Although the nominal point of these parties is for grown-ass people to roll around on mattresses while experimenting with touch and intimacy, Cuddle Party organizer Madeline Guinazzo points out another great thing about the cuddle party phenomenon: “It’s just great to have a place where I feel comfortable saying NO.”
Call me old-fashioned but I’ll be at the party where I’m blacked out and getting taken advantage of on a pile of other people’s coats.

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