!! OMG, jaywalking crimp’n’crump: Phil & The Argos Cheerleaders !!

On his lunch-hour from editing FABMAGAZINE, Phil popped over the road for a taco-in-a-bag and then…well then Solange…and then, well then ^this^ happened.
Phil really knows how to twerk a scaffold and scare the jeboobers out of dem pedestri-trans. The one guy, his face is like “get the shit away from me and my purple coated girlfriend”, and then when he finds his cheerleader gals, they work – it – out so hard one of them nearly smacks some old woman in the face with her pearlescent-glitter-pom-pom, except the old gal doesn’t even notice cos she’s so busy rushing her old wrinkly legs to go pick up her tri-focal dentures and a packet of butterscotch Earl Grey Worthers Originals.

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