!! OMG, Kirstie Alley is an Ugly Dancer: The Ugly Dance [Christmas Edition] !!

Kirstie Alley really drank a lot of Eggnog snot at the Christmas shindig. She’s up on one of the buffet tables in an elf costume doing what she calls “the ugly dance”.
The thing is she got there early and by the time Sue from Accounting turned up she was w-asted, and telling everyone about her moves, until enough people turned up at 930 that she jumped up on the buffet table, kicked a bowl of sausage rolls on the carpet and started doing the ugly dance.
Watch the video evidence HERE and make your own Ugly Dance: You could do one with Liza, RiRi, whoever, with costume choices and dancemove opts too [there’s one move called ‘tramp’…Kirstie you skanky tramp].

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