!! OMG, life’s a game: HabitRPG !!

If you ask anyone who has spent countless hours leveling up and doing side quests in RPG games like Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft whether the time was well-spent, at best you would probably get a shrug of the shoulders. The impulse to play these games is often so embedded that the only conscious decision RPG gamers really get to make is when to stop.
What if you could channel your RPG compulsion into organizing something other than your character’s equipment and stats? HabitRPG has set out to apply everything you love about these games (leveling, quests, character building, character classes, pets, guilds, boss fights, etc.) to real life. Gain experience for positive tasks like exercising or finishing a work project. Lose health for bad habits like eating too much pizza.
People are using HabitRPG to quit smoking, be more creative, exercise more, call their mom more often, and generally be better. Give it a try and level up your real self a bit.

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