!! OMG, match making: Nancy & Donald’s lawfully wedded wardrobe !!

Gay couples run the risk of starting to become a little Genesis P. Orridge after being together for a while, they start dressing the same, their hair starts looking the same and in no time your matching camo-shorts, tiny dogs and baseball caps make you look more like brothers-from-other-mothers than boyfriends and that’s some sort of stay at home shit, because hon, that Peters Twins thing is a whole other closet case!
Nancy and Donald -plastic garden flamingo inventor- Featherstone, however, just blooming went for it, they didn’t even progress, they just flipping went there. They’ve been wearing matchy matchy homemade shirts and dresses for 35 years now and have four wardrobes of matching outfits organised by season and occasion.

“We once saw Dr Ruth, the TV psychiatrist, in a department store. She was making her way over to us – probably to comment on our matching coats and hats – but we eluded her. It’s one thing to get negative comments from strangers but quite another to have unwanted psychological suggestions.”

Follow the jump to see some flavourite [along with their permed poochie pal] paralleled print pairings…well isn’t that just the cutestest thing what ever did done?

[via TheGuardian, Thanks Bear!]

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