!! OMG, MOHAIRY !: Michael Käpernick’s hairy garments !!

Designed by German hair and makeup artist Michael Käpernick, this collection of hairy garments will leave you feeling like you have a pube wrapped around your tonsils, either that or you do [have a pube wrapped around your tonsils] still !
What I want to know is where he got all that pubic mohair material from, I haven’t seen that one at my local Fabricland, what would that be under, upholstery, outdoors, the pubic swathes and genital haberdashery aisles ?
Click below to see more looks from the collection. Me personally, I’m waiting for his line of pubic nipple-less tube tops and HIGH-WAISTED BALACLAVAS to come out next season !

[image source, via accidentalbear]

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  1. Is that “mo” hair?

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