!! OMG, My Hero: Foreskin Man !!

Make way for the weirdest superhero since Man Thing!
Mild-mannered curator at the Museum of Genital Integrity by day, Miles Hastwick transforms into the courageous Foreskin Man to fight the evil Dr. Mutilator, a circumcision-loving pediatrician hellbent on stealing the prepuces right off the weiners of innocent little boys.
Okay guys, start fighting now! (Or if you want, head over here to read the full comic first.)
(Thanks to Rick for the tip)

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9 Comments on "OMG, My Hero: Foreskin Man"

  1. comicbookfan1 | June 8, 2011 at 4:24 am | Reply

    COMIC BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE heck! an ANTISEMETIC political agenda in COMIC BOOKS! NO WAY!! ARE You kidding me?! Comics books are what some people read to relax, enjoy, and use to break away from the insanity and unfairness in society. but when you put ANTISEMETISM into it. And for anyone who disagrees with ANITSEMITISM, just look at the way ANY JEWS, or rabbis, are portayed!!!
    Seriously, i knew there was antisemitism in america, but HAS ANTISEMITISM REALLY GROWN THIS MUCH IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m not mortified I was cut. I’m simply discouraged that part of my sexual equipment was removed before I had a chance to find out what it did and what it felt like. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable position to take.
    As an adult — if issues of smell or looks bother you — than by all means get the operation. I simply feel it’s ethically indefensible to remove functioning body parts without any medical necessity.
    I you were fine with being circumcised as a kid that’s OK. But don’t automatically dismiss people who simply regret not having a chance to find out what that tissue does.
    And really, if circumcision is so good, don’t you wonder why the majority of men in the world who are uncut don’t elect to have the operation? Many men can leave the foreskin retracted to see what it feels like, but I suspect the majority of uncut men don’t want to do that.

  3. Guys its a matter of choice, if you want your dick to be circumcised thats fine but for those guys who doesnt want their dick to be cut just have a little decency to clean it whenever you want to use it.Just a little respect whoever wants to suck or lick it because it is really stinky and bad smell.You knows it and you know the smell of your own dick when its not wash within a day.

  4. America is really a great country,but sometimes soo retarded!Circumcision is unnecessary and cruel.Wake Up People!

  5. I’m uncircumcised. I won’t circumcise my kids. But I will say the difference b/w male and female circumcision is that male circumcision has no negative side-effects. Female circumcision is more a demonstration of male power. It’s done specifically for the purpose to prevent women from achieving sexual pleasure… That’s my socially conscious rant for the day. Now… that shit is freaking hilarious!!!

  6. Male circumcision is nothing like female. The male penis is not rendered unusable, it is not cut off. They are not the same thing at all. You can still achieve an erection and still orgasm. I believe with female circumcision it makes it impossible for the female to ever experience an orgasam. That makes me think of the old joke along the lines of how does a woman cum…? WHO CARES?!? Get it…who cares? KIDDING! No…I’m not…vaginas….gross. Funny how the Muslims and the Jews are cut….

  7. Foreskin was useful before clothes were invented, but now we have underwear that protect the glans from unhappy encounters. I have never resented my parents for having me cut; quite to the contrary. And I have had all five of my sons circumcized. My circumcision greatly reduces the chance of my wife getting cervical cancer, among other health benefits. Finally, uncut guys have greater problems with premature ejaculation. Cut is better all around, and the comic strip’s premise is ridiculous.
    Female circumcision poses COMPLETELY different issues. It is performed for the express purpose of depriving the subject of sexual pleasure later on. Only sick societies engage in this horrible form of abuse. Now if we could have a superhero head to Africa and the Middle East to save girls from THAT practice, which really is mutilation, I would applaud.

  8. I’m circumcised and not bitter about it or anything. I don’t “regret” it or whatever. But at the same time I think its creepy to cut a baby’s penis for aesthetic reasons. I don’t get why people are so passionately in favor of circumcision, it strikes me as defensive. Like their dick is being insulted or something.
    Think about female circumcision. Why is that considered so much more unacceptable to western culture than male circumcision? They are both mutilating genitals for cultural, not medical, reasons.
    That said, this comic is hilarious.

  9. Good god! I am so over this whole circumcision is mutilation thing. Why are these grown men so mortified that they were cut? Ya can’t miss what you never knew you had. My dick gets hard when the fan turns on, so I am not missing a thing. I love my cut cock and thank god I am cut. These pussy’s “it’s my body” well fuck you. If you spent more time and effort on things that really matter..oh starving kids, the poor, the homeless and quite being so me-centric, maybe you would enjoy life.
    Does it get hard? Can you fuck with it? It works…go away. Personally uncut cock looks so gross to me, I am glad my parents snipped me and I would do the same to my boys…if butt babies would ever live dammit!

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