!! OMG, no…thank YOU!: The Knife’s ‘Shaking The Habitual’ !!

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We showed you the first couple of tracks released from their upcoming album ‘Full of Fire’ and ‘A Tooth for an Eye’ earlier this year, and since then we’ve been squirming around waiting for the rest of the album to leak or explode or take flight like an INTERWEB AVIAN FLU.
Pitchfork are streaming the whole album over yonder where Pitchfork reside, along with some gify video things, and you can now pre-order the album set for general release on the 9th HERE.
On a third listen, I’ve decided that this album was worth waiting like a quarter of my life for.
‘A Cherry on Top’ sounds like an outtake from The Knife’s 2010 Darwinian electro-opera ‘Tomorrow in a Year’ whilst ‘Without You my Life would be Boring’ is anything but boring with it’s NOSE-FLUTE EXTRAVAGANZA.
They’ve pitch-shifted their signature steel drums for low gong sounds throughout, not least in ‘Raging Lung’ which sounds like an impending science fiction long-bong.
9th track ‘Networking’, utilises acid percussive intonation, with a definite Plastikman-esque platter, whilst the vocal workshopping in ‘Stay Out Here’ present a duet like no other, as Karin and Shannon [Funchess] swap voices mid-line, barfing WOMEN WAR-WHORLS back and forth.
Final track ‘Ready to Lose’ rounds off the 90+ minute album with The Knife’s more traditional undulating 6/8 signature and steel drum BAMALAM-THANK-YOU-MA’AM!
No really, thank you!

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  1. I’m so glad they are back.

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