!! OMG, pyjama party: Lonely Girl Big Pants !!

When RuPaul says “you better work” what she’s talking about is that moment when you realise you actually really did leave the house wearing only your Stewie from Family Guy FLEECY INCONTINENCE PANTALOONS and by the time you notice you are already elbow deep in the Walmart makeup section bargain bin, so you better try and clime into that same bargain bin and hibernate until you die from shame or “you better work”. [p.s. don’t work at Walmart, that’s not what this means].
Favourite sections?; the down-the-aisle forwards roll to star jump and the “I’m a shy fleecy pterodactyl behind the wall of discounted toilet roll please don’t look at me, just a fleecy pterodactyl, not much, please ignore” part.
[via huffpost]

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  1. Too bad that is a CVS and not a Walmart.

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