!! OMG, Screen Lover come rescue me: Eli Craven’s Screen Lovers !!

Sometimes I watch an old Hollywood classic and I’m like, “erm honey he’s been staring at your pointy tatters for like an hour and a half, why don’t you just hurry up and black’n’white feltch-huff his ass already, it’s a blooming inevitability”, but then that’s much more ‘Buttsex With Tiffany’ than ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and anyway feltching was probably called something much more demure back then like “POPPY-TRINKLING” or “chiming the dinner bell” or something.
Well collage photographer Eli Craven also got a little impatient with the silver screen suspense and so took to crease-kissing and blowing and hugging the leading loves, the results of which turned out quite beautiful and just a tad human-centipedey.

“As I looked through them, I really wanted to see them come together, touch lips, make love, whatever comes next, so I started folding them into one another.”

You can peak amongst the folds after the jump, just don’t unfold them, they are stuck down with poppy-trinkle artist’s adhesive goop!

[via ignant]

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