!! OMG, Restore Your Personal Luster: My New Pink Button !!

I have a feeling there aren’t too many OMG Readers in the market for vagina makeup, but you never know! And anyway, even if you don’t have a vagina you might be able to find a useful application for a miracle product called My New Pink Button, which is intended to make your private parts just as pink and vibrant as God Bob Guccione intended them. I’ve been coloring my butthole with Crayola magic marker for the last year, so at least for me this is great news!
Now if only someone would actually start mass-producing Clitter
(My New Pink Button via Jezebel)

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2 Comments on "OMG, Restore Your Personal Luster: My New Pink Button"

  1. No silly, its a Vulva Dye. Its been all over the radio this week. I heard it on Howard Stern and its the hottest new Sex Toy Product out. Apparently you can apply it days before any encounters. Its a “Visual Enhancement” product for mens viewing pleasure….. I am open to trying it, anything to get more traffic to the area of pleasure: )

  2. what is this, I don’t even…
    I was thinking of Luster’s Pink Moisturizer when I clocked this. It’s a hair product. XD

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