!! OMG, snuggle smuggle: Say Lou Lou’s ‘Julien’ !!

Julian, was that you that pooped on the carpet?…oh Ju-li-an?! What have we told you, like a thousand times?
Sydney/Stockholm ‘sisters’ Say Lou Lou are stunning. Their voices are pretty, they dress real nice, and they harvest morning-after happy-comedown sounds and squidge them into pop nuggets for all to listen to.
Well, don’t be fooled, they are only sisters in the criminal sense: they are smuggling this snugly male model slash-pet Julian across the border by the sounds of their new song, of the same name. They went on holiday and had a black-and-white fling with him in their first video ‘Maybe You’, and now they are looking to just smuggle him home, just like that!
Well good luck with that girls, hope you don’t get imprisoned for human trafficking or whatever, if so please continue to write and record songs from your respective prison cells, as these ones sound lovely. “Good luck and don’t fudge it up!”

[via DN]

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