!! OMG, SUPER TROOPERS: Jamil Hellu’s ‘Guardians of the Golden Gate’ !!


“With my series…I invite my subjects to create fictitious superhero characters…[an] opportunity to express themselves [and construct] a unique character inspired by personal ideas around mythology and superhero archetypes.
_Jamil Hellu”

Click below to see a selection of my favourites from the series, including a character that I call ‘Super Cute Bear’ with a super power of just super cuteness, a girl dressed as a cupcake -“she will ice a bitch”- and my personal favourite; a guy sporting crutches and one single Ugg-shoe…I’m calling him ‘High Priestess UggGoddess’, I guess maybe his super power is when he points his crutches at objects and people they suddenly become UGLY, LIGHTWEIGHT AND PRACTICAL on-the-spot…complete arch-nemesis from hell, impossible to defeat!

[via accidentalbear]

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4 Comments on "OMG, SUPER TROOPERS: Jamil Hellu’s ‘Guardians of the Golden Gate’"

  1. it’d be funny if it were meant to be ironic.. gays in SF aren’t that complicated tho

  2. I do kinda like the one with the guy in a cape on a roof. They guy is hot.

  3. Barf… another narcissistic SF gay making crap and calling it “art”

  4. dear god.. just another example of douchebag SF narcissists playing dress up and calling it “art”

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