!! OMG, SURGED!: 33-year-old man spends nearly $100,000 on plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber !!

Okay, so first up I just want to say you’re welcome! You now have your Halloween costume — grab the prosthetics, spirit gum, and the Ellen wig!
33-year old Toby Sheldon, a songwriter, has apparently spent his entire monetary savings (nearing $100,000) on constant surgeries that are meant to give him a smile and eyes like Justin Bieber.
Personally, I’m not seeing it — not only was Toby cuter before the surgery and I don’t think he should have f*cked with his face, but I think Toby needs to hit the bong a lot harder before his eyes begin to look like Justin‘s. Though, Complex kind of nails it when they suggest that Toby could totally get a job doubling for Team America‘s version of Matt Damon! (We are still in a recession, so take the work where you can get it! Trust!)
[via Complex]

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22 Comments on "OMG, SURGED!: 33-year-old man spends nearly $100,000 on plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber"

  1. Bridgitte Gonzales | December 19, 2015 at 1:49 am | Reply

    He looked so handsome before messing up his face.

  2. Bridgitte Gonzales | December 19, 2015 at 1:48 am | Reply

    He was so handsome before he messed up his face!

    -Suregery failed-



  6. Did he cut his man organ too?

  7. he looks like Beavis.

  8. This is almost an insult to Justin Bieber!!!

  9. i will pay $100,000 NOT TO LOOK LIKE JB

  10. Creepy! I totally agree he was better looking before and now its just, wwww

  11. Fail. Went from a Randy Harrison look-a-like to a 16 year old girl. Well, maybe it did work.

  12. I think the caption on the “AFTER” pic needs to be changed to “FAIL”

  13. Wow! Very sad. He was handsome before, needed a new hairstyle, but a nice face. After?!?! How did they make his eyes smaller and closer together?! Whoever did this surgery on him needs to be banned from doing surgery forever!

  14. What a total lack of personality…
    Some people are so pathetic, that need to look physically like their idols ! 🙁

  15. I saw a solo show once done by a woman who had had plastic surgery to make herself look more like Marilyn Monroe. She was okay, but had none of Marilyn’s empathy. Why would this clown spend that much money for such a ridiculous surgery? I agree with above postings: I hope he sucks cock and eats ass enough to show the he behaves like that overrated train wreck of a celebrity!

  16. In the before picture he looks like the love child of James Van Der Beek and Randy Harrison. I don’t know what the heck that is in the after pic though.

  17. Her and Bieber could use better breast implants. 🙂

  18. I really think he looked better before. As I was saying on another post, this is an illness and needs to be treated as such. He really needs psych to evaluate him for trying to change so much? That much plastic surgery is not healthy and indicates some really horrendous self worth issues. We have to have guys and girls evaluated when trying to go transgender, why not idiots like this? Why would any reputable doctor even consider doing this work?

  19. Ha! He looks about as much like Justin Bieber as that sex doll did.
    He looks more like that Dutch Boy from Cow & Chicken.

  20. Dear God. UGH… 🙁

  21. hope he can suck cock and eat ass like justin bieber or all that money to look like that fucking whore will really go to waste…because the only thing worth doing with bieber-looking twink whores is making them gag on cock and clean your filthy ass with their hungry thin fucking lips. bielib it, baby!

  22. DAFUQ is wrong with some people?! I’m ashamed of our race.

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