!! OMG, take the 2008 reader survey !!

It’s that time of year again. PLEASE take a couple minutes to fill out the official !! omg blog !! reader survey.
It’s the only way we ever get any sort of idea who you all are, and besides being super interesting, it also helps us sell advertising, which keeps the site going.
So please go here and fill it out, it doesn’t take very long, I promise. Thank you thank you!!

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11 Comments on "OMG, take the 2008 reader survey"

  1. Done!

  2. Too US oriented.

  3. Survey centralized on North American media sources. It’s just a guess but I anticipate readership from abroad or readers that view non-NA media.

  4. Waaaaaay too US centric.

  5. I’ve visited you a lot and really enjoy your sense of humor. This is the first time I’m commenting to let you know I did try to take the survey, but it wouldn’t leave the first page when I clicked “Next” at the bottom. Bummer. One request: the election is over, time to stop the Sarah bashing. She’s a fellow human being and I identify with her. Ok? (I hope that doesn’t set off a rage-against-the-different-people comment war.)
    Keep OMG strong, sweet and funny like usual and I’ll keep coming back and bringing my friends. Ciao!

  6. If I didn’t like your blog so much… ah well it wasn’t too bad.

  7. Hi Frank,
    did it, too.
    Unfortunately, your questions regarding internet were a bit too “USA/Canada”-d : My guess is, that the questions on the newspapers etc won’t be very representative.
    For example: In Europe a (business= networking community very much frequented is XING, for the youth its studivz.de (which is currently being sued by facebook).
    So you’ll probably misss the point for europeens as well as for some other continents.
    And: You only used TVseries that are “new” but what about stuff like Golden Girls????!!!
    Anyway, liked the survey, it was quite allright
    Greetings from Germany!

  8. i only filled out the survey cos you used such a cute picture. did the cat do the survey too? i would think so considering it looks gobsmacked. 😛

  9. Love your site- just did the stupid survey for you just because I love your blog. 🙂

  10. Not nearly as painful as I imagined. Interesting questionnaire.

  11. You’re welcome, Frank. [:

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